More To Life Weekend

Entry level course: Learn how to challenge your unconscious beliefs, engage with your own inner process and use this awareness to respond (not react) to your life in a way that you choose.  Read more… | Next Course:

  • 15 -17  June 2018 | More To Life Weekend | Christchurch Calendar

Small Group Courses (a.k.a. Mentor Courses)

These entry level courses are led by trained facilitators and typically taken in groups of 8 to 12, either as three hourly sessions held weekly over six weeks, or as a weekend course. Courses include the Power of Self Esteem, the Power of Purpose and Power of Connection. More courses coming soon…


Mastery: The Practice of Processing

Pre-requisite course: the More To Life Weekend. Led by trained facilitators and taken in small groups these classes go over the tools learned at the More To Life Weekend. Processing support partnerships are formed by participants to deepen the work. 


Focus Courses/1-Day Trainings

Pre-requisite course: the More To Life Weekend. Focus courses are usually held over a weekend. Focus courses include Making Money Count, Parenting, Relationships, Sexuality and Strengthening the Will. More courses coming soon…


Advanced Courses

Pre-requisite course: the More To Life Weekend. Advanced courses are residential and usually held over six days. Advanced courses include A Way of a Warrior, Living Yes, Evolution of Mastery and Sixth Sense. Next Course:

  • 7 – 14 October 2018 | A Way of a Warrior | Living Springs | Calendar

More To Life Coaching

Achieving the quality of life you want does not happen by chance.  Accomplish more than you could dream of with the support and guidance of a More To Life Coach. Using the remarkable tools of the More To Life Programme, More To Life Coaches offer deep insights and expert facilitation to enable you to make the changes you seek.